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Online training

When you’re running to your own tight schedule this can make it very hard to find time for your fitness!
The great thing about online personal training is that it’s completely flexible around you anywhere at your time. These days we live in a digital world, which works out great for online training Thanks to digital platform it’s incredibly easy for us to keep in touch— even if we don’t meet up face-to-face, you will be able to access your workout routines and meal plans on your device.

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Here Impact Fitness Studio connect you with inspiring Personal Trainers and wellness coaches additionally we offering 
Personalized plans, including nutrition plans, with regular check-ins with a certified personal trainer are useful if you're the type of person who needs extra motivation and encouragement to stick with a workout plan. Especially if you are trying to
Lose weight or Build some muscles. so, Exercising at home is so much easier when you know what you’re doing. 

  • Cost Effective

  • No matter what's your workout experience

  • You travel a lot

  • Want home-workout

  • suffering busy schedule

  • Don't have an experience with personal trainer

  • Didn't found any good gym in your location


So, Online personal training might be that option for you since it is a proven and popular way to help reach an ideal weight loss or muscle building goals, but it’s not the only way. However, if one of the above describes you, then online personal training will work exceptionally well for you.

Why this program is worthy for you? 

How this program work ?

Here’s what you can expect with Remote Fitness Coaching:

-Initial Consultation
It is necessary part of the program This initial session helps get both the trainer and the client on the same page when setting expectations for the training program and goals for the future. In this consultation you need to share information regarding your health such as fitness background, medical history, your goal, workout preferences and many necessary information for your trainer to create an effective and safe workout plan for you.

-Training Session according to your Schedule.
we are here to help you in your convenient way Online fitness coaching offers flexibility that works with your schedule. Online fitness coaches are available to you at whatever time you need. we are always make an effort to maintain your consistency. 


-Workout Plan
workout plan will be prepared by trainer on the basis of your specific goal. These aren’t Pre-made, one size fits all workouts,


-Weekly Check-ins
This is the most important outlook of a training plan. In this session you both can examine your result you get accomplish and You will discuss your advancements, obstacles and ways to improve. Afterwards you can talk about your workouts or nutrition program. after all you can share your feedback regarding your workout. Check-ins can take place over text, email, phone call, or video conferencing service like Zoom/ Whats-app video call/ Meet. its completely customized. This will conclusively decrease your risk of injury, and improve your chances for success.


So, with these all features The workouts are easy to follow, user friendly, and have a built-in timer and ability to track your stats after each workout for more Inquiry you can message us on @impactfitnessin or Contact Us.

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